Info Radio FM stereo Ltd is registered and licenced by TCRA, broadcasting on 24 hours at 92.1 MHz covering the whole area of Mtwara District including neighbouring District specifically Masasi, Newala, Nanyumbu, Tandahimba, Nachingwea, Ruangwa and other rural areas in Lindi, Kilwa and Tunduru District.

Radio programs range from news to entertainment and well arranged documentaries, all these programs are supported by 14 skilled and semi-skilled staff under supervision of station manager, the major role is to provide efficient and reliable service, unbiased information for creating awareness hence facilitating economic development.

During the service period of one year,Info radio has been continueing gaining a good media reputation from the public by adhering to professional ethics. Plans have been taken to expand the coverage while maintaining the current service quality.

The majority of the residents are farmers, while a few are a mixture of governmental and parastatal organizations as well as the private companies’ employees,businessmen, and those who are in the informal sector.

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